Do You Know a Jewish Tour Guide in Toledo who arranges private walking tours?

Something funny happend to me last week and I want to share it with you. I was in vaccation in New York, and like any good frum guy, you must know the local synagogue wherever you are. So I went to pray to one synagogue in New York.

I meet there very cool people and started chating with them. When they knew that I was from Spain they suddenly became very interested in me. I wondered "why in the world would a newyorker be interested in a spanish person?".

As the conversation developed I knew that the person interested in me, has a travel to Israel scheduled next month, and he was doing a stop in Madrid for 24 hours. He was looking for something to do in Madrid, but cannot find some jewish guide.

I started to laugh because in fact I am THE jewish tour guide in Madrid/Toledo area. He was looking for some piece of information that will take him to the guide, but Hashem has put the guide himself in front of him... And he was frum! G-d loves this guy certainly! ha ha ha!
I told him who I am, and he started to tell me more details of his stop in Madrid, and we chat about visiting Toledo to know the old jewish quarter in the old city, and the Toledo Synagogues that are there today.

I spoke for an hour about the beauty of Toledo, in particular the Jewish Toledo, the old city sourrounded by the wall, the streets of the citadel that looks very similar (leabdil) to the streets of Old Jerusalem.

This funny story I am sharing with you let me think about the problem that american jews can't find the appropiate information about tours in toledo, so I started to set up this website in order to ease all american jewery that want to visit jewish Toledo from a jewish perspective with a Kosher Guide.

So, If you are reading this story and looking for Jewish Kosher Tour Guide in Toledo or Madrid, don't hesitate to read more about my work and service here in this site, and you can ask me wathever you need to know about this things, in this contact form.

I hope you enjoy this funny story that end up with this fellow jew schedulling a tour with me in both Madrid and Toledo next month.